Saturday, May 21, 2016

"My thoughts on high school"

On the last day of 8th grade yesterday, I asked Reece to write an informal essay of her thoughts on high school coming up. The result is classic Reece, and I have permission to share it with you - I am typing it the way she wrote it, no editing for spelling, punctuation, or anything:

I am soon going to be in high school and I, personally, think it's going to be interesting. And by interesting I mean terrible. Here's why:

I'm going to have to read a lot. If you know anything about me you know that I really don't like reading. Mainly because no matter what genre the book is in, no matter what the main demographic is, they're boring. No matter how hard the author tries to grab my interest, I will end up falling asleep. The only books I like that much are education books because at least I'm learning something. With novels, all of it's the same: protagonist is different and quirky. Protagonist gets in sticky situation with guy. Protagonist falls in love with guy. Protagonist alongside guy takes down government with their quirkiness or whatever. The End. It's all the same. And apparently high school is going to have a lot of reading. Yay!

Also, Math. Enough said. Unless it's Geometry. 

Well, I guess there might be some good experiences. Like making friends at Summit (well, trying to) and being able to get a job and drive a car. But not much else. 

In conclusion, high school is terrible. Bye.


Aren't we going to have so much fun together!?!?! LOL

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