Saturday, January 23, 2016

Word of the Year 2016

I have not had a lot of time lately to really ponder my Word of the Year for 2016. But one concept keeps coming back to me over and over - and that is how I want/need to be more "Intentional" in my life.

I first came across the word and concept of Intentional over 10 years ago when I attended a seminar by Simply Charlotte Mason founder, Sonya Shafer. At the time she also had a blog about being an Intentional Parent/Homeschool Mom and I found it fascinating! However, since we were in the beginning of our autism journey, the concept of being "intentional" was overwhelming to me. I did the best I could, as everyone does!

2016 is going to be different for me, though. My almost 17 year old is going to be getting her driver's license in a matter of days. This will take me from driving 500-600 miles per week to having to drive a fraction of that! Then she will be taking all of her classes next fall at the college through Dual Enrollment and I will only have one student to educate next year - the"baby" will be a high school freshman. I can only imagine how these changes will affect my life!

Free time? More triathlon training? Reading a book that isn't related to homeschooling?

Figuring out what on earth I am going to do after I retire from being a homeschool teacher?

The options are endless! But unless I'm Intentional about my life, it could end up being wasted time. And that's not good!

And there are things that God wants me to be Intentional about, too. So many of the questions above could probably be answered if I was being more Intentional about my Walk with Him. The last year (and the last 6 months in particular) has been more about "just keep swimming" to keep my head above the water.

I am looking forward to the change! And that's a new feeling for me since change usually overwhelms and frightens me. But I trust God enough to know that He will take me on this journey and it will be amazing, no matter where it leads! And I don't want to just let life unfold while I hold on for dear life!

I want to be INTENTIONAL!


Lisa said...

Love your word! I am always inspired that you do this but I've never wanted to do it myself. Until this year. This year, I knew at the end of December that my word for 2016 would be - DETERMINATION.

Niffercoo said...

Lisa, that's a fantastic word!! I love it!