Friday, January 29, 2016

A poem by Reece

I already shared this poem directly on my Facebook page but it has gotten such a positive response, I decided to make a post to share it with a wider audience. 
This poem was completely unprompted - not even part of a school assignment to "write a poem". When I asked her how she was inspired to write it, she said she had a rhyme come into her head and thought that she could make it into a poem, so she did. 
She shared it with me by having me listen to a recording from her iPod of her reading the poem. I was so taken aback that I cried. So, with that in mind, you may want to have tissues handy. This is a poem written about autism by an almost 14 year old girl with autism.

Autism - by Reece Cooper
You can't escape it, 
You can't run away.
You have to face it,
Every single day.
Every moment is a struggle
And while you want to snuggle
I want to simply be in your presences
Don't be mad, it's not anger you sense
Nor is it irritation, frustration, or isolation.
It's merely contentedness
I don't want to hug you but that doesn't mean I don't love you.
I do not think I'm above you
And it's not that I'm sick of you
For it is you that I adore
And for every tear you shed, I shed 10,000 more.
That is simply the way it is.
I have so many things to say
But they're just not things I can convey
That is simply the way it is.
I may not be able to communicate by any means
But I am more than I seem
I am not some idiot who can't speak
I am a person who is unique.
I'm not some dunce who can't grasp the simplest of jokes
And no, I did not mean "the log walked on the dog" I meant "the dog walked on the log" sorry I misspoke.
Let us enjoy the thing we enjoy
So what if we like fnaf or minecraft? It gives us joy!
Please stop using our names as insults.
Instead why don't you act like adults
It's immature and lazy to do such a thing
And it's not like people are going say "wow you're so amazing!"
That being said, I understand where you're coming from
There are times in which we act dumb
But you need to look past that and see
That we're not what we appear to be
We are intelligent and kind
Well, that last one is hard to be with you constantly on our hind
"Do this, do that," "don't be like this, be like that"
I will be how I'm meant to be
And if you don't like that you don't have to be friends with me
I try my hardest to please you
So don't be cross with me, it's the best I can do
There's only so much a person can control, my antics are not one of them
So please, have patience. With me, with my kin, and with autism.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful.