Saturday, September 12, 2015

Halfway through the first term? Already??

We are almost halfway through the first term of this school year already! I'm not sure when my life was switched to "Time Warp Mode" but even the girls are starting to comment about how quickly time is flying by! Since I have an hour or so before I have to be anywhere, I figured I would continue to neglect my housework an post an update for anyone who may still have the patience to wait for me to post.

All in all, things are still going very, very well! The 2nd week was harder than the 1st week, but that was to be expected with Reece's dance classes resuming and Riley's chemistry class starting up as well. Also in the 2nd week, Reece decided that she wasn't going to do any of her school work while I was not at home. And since I'm not at home very much on Tuesdays and Thursdays - well, you can imagine. However, once she was reminded of the rule: "No dance if your school work isn't done." that quickly became a non-issue.

We are on a full academic schedule now and are mostly managing to get everything done. Some days and weeks are better than others - this week was one that was harder to get everything done. This coming week will be similar with a couple of appointments. I protect our Mondays and Wednesdays as much as possible because we are actually home those two days until mid-afternoon, but those are the days that have to be used for appointments. So it's very hard. There is more school work going on late in the evenings and on weekends than ever before simply because we're home.

Riley has been doing a phenomenal job with all of her new responsibilities! She loves her college class (dual enrollment) and is doing a really excellent job! She is teaching a Modern dance class this year to 9-11 year olds and loves that as well! She is not yet enjoying her Chemistry class, but she is still glad she didn't take it at college. She has also been spending her Sundays taking the classroom portion of her Driver's Education class which has made for busy weekends for her- but she only has 2 more classes and then the 3 in-car driving classes and then she's done with that. The driving portion we will do closer to time for her to get her license. But it's better to get the classroom part done now while her weekends are not filled with Nutcracker rehearsals, plus one of her best friends is taking the classes so they can go together. 6 hours of driver's ed class alone is monotonous! Riley also had her choreography chosen for the upcoming Emerging Choreographer's Showcase in 2 weeks! Such a busy late summer for my big girl!

Reece has been doing very well with her lessons. She is at that age where she wants to sleep all the time, but she also has lots of dance, so she has to learn to manage her time. And she will. I just have to learn not to freak out over it! Algebra 1 is going even better than I expected, and I hope it continues! Dance classes are also going well, even though she added lots of hours to her schedule! It's long and hard work but she is rising to the challenge!

Our favorite graduate is also doing well! He has a new job that is during the days in an office. It's brain work but he is learning valuable skills that will help him in the future! And we actually get to see him now and he actually has a life! It's super! Due to his mother being crazy busy, we haven't completed his application for the music school. It's my goal for this coming week! But, again, I have to be home to help him! LOL

So that brings me to the teacher - me. Everything is still going well with the academics and the school work. The girls are being cooperative and are both working hard for me! I'm able to keep up with the planning and that always makes me feel good. But all the driving is wearing me out completely. I'm driving 500-600 miles a week, all in town, stop-and-go, type traffic. It's exhausting and I am really, really tired of being in the car. Riley is eligible to get her license in January, so we are going to move forward with that, and then figure out a way that she will be able to use a vehicle to drive herself even a few days a week. That will make my life so much easier. I had her drive pretty much everywhere this past week and she did quite well. Atlanta traffic is not easy at all - so many impatient drivers! :( Thankfully this year she goes to dance earlier and misses the bulk of the rush hour craziness that we drove in last year. I'm not sure her driving will make it immediately easier for me because I'll be so worried, but in the long run it will be a major help!

So that's what the last month or so has been like at the Black Pearl Academy! All good! Very busy!

I'm planning a post for this coming week that talks about how our Charlotte Mason education has prepared Riley so well for her college class! It's very exciting! Please check back!

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