Thursday, July 23, 2015

School Year 2015-2016 plans

Well, after a busy summer with lots of excitement, it is time for me to start looking towards the new school year. I finally placed my book order over the weekend and the books are starting to trickle in.

Riley will be an 11th grader this coming school year. So hard to believe that she is a Junior! It's even harder to believe that she is officially a Dual Enrollment student and this coming year will be her last year of taking any classes at home. I wanted her to start off DE classes with something that she is good at and enjoys, and just one course per semester, so she will take English 101 in the fall and English 102 in the spring. She will take Chemistry at the place she has taken all of her high school science so far, but this will be her last year to do so. At home, she will finish Algebra 2 and Latin 2. Her dance classes will count as Advanced Dance 1.

And that's pretty much it. She will have a few books to read to finish up some half credits in Economics, Government, and Personal Finance. But since Government is a college course that is required for college graduation, she may end up taking that next year for credit instead (it would fulfil both the high school requirement and the college requirement). I am in the middle of researching the basic college graduation requirements for the University System of GA to see which classes are universally required so we can try to get some of those knocked out next year.

Reece will be an 8th grader. It is her last year before high school but she will be taking 2 classes that can count towards high school graduation: Algebra 1 and Classical Astronomy. If Algebra 1 takes longer than a year, or if the Classical Astronomy high school supplement seems to be over her head, then I won't stress out about counting them for credit. There is plenty of time.

She will be following a modified Ambleside Year 7. I learned quite a bit from completing AO years with the big kids and I am not nearly as concerned about modifying it for her as I was for them (particularly Austin). In fact, it will be interesting to see if there will be enough of it left to be considered AO by the time I'm done. LOL I've already chosen a different spine for middle ages history - a book sold by Memoria Press that was written in the 1920s by Dorothy Mills. It's perfect for her age and I think she will really enjoy it.

For Grammar, she will finish Season 3 of Analytical Grammar. Latin will be Third Form Latin with Riley (which pretty much finishes up the Latin Grammar). Logic will be The Thinking Toolbox. Vocabulary will continue with Vocabulary from Classical Roots, though it seems redundant with the Latin exposure she has.

Writing is the big one for her - the one I really want to focus on. I have so many good curricula for writing and I can't decide which to try first. I am leaning towards Writing With Skill but if there is compelling reason to choose one of the others (IEW or Teaching the Essay from AG) then I will feel free to switch! LOL After all, I own each one of them! I would just need to get the student materials for WWS or IEW.

It's not as teaching intensive for me this year which is good because my schedule is very driving intensive! Once Riley can get her license and a car then everything should settle down considerably for me. But the earliest for the license is January and the car? Well, she hasn't had nearly the time to work to save up money as we had hoped for. So I can't say for sure when she could possibly drive herself.

I'm planning to go into a little more depth about the changes I've made for Reece! Check back for those early next week!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like a great plan. Wish I was still homeschooling.