Thursday, November 20, 2014

A field trip!

It has been so long since we've taken a day from lessons to enjoy a field trip! When a mom in our homeschool group planned a free tour of the Governor's Mansion and it was a day where we can actually be gone in the morning and not have to rush back for early dance classes, I signed us right up! I wasn't sure if Austin would be able to join us but he ended up getting off work just in time!

I forgot to take a pic of just my 3 so I had to cut a few of their friends out of the picture to get one of just them! LOL
Ok, let's all realize for a moment that my kids are all within a few inches of each other in height?!? When did that happen! Reece is SO close to being as tall as Riley!

So the field trip was really fantastic! I have to admit to being a little (lot??) lax on my Georgia state history because I assumed the Governor's Mansion must be over 100 years old. Actually, it was built in 1968 which is only "olden times" to my kids! However, we learned today that it is decorated in the Federal Period style which is from around 1800. And it was truly lovely! The ladies who hosted and told us about each room were incredibly friendly, and as a bonus, my kids were able to answer some of the questions posed to them! That's always a plus!

I am hosting my own field trip in February and I'm very excited about it! We are going to visit the brand new Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta - or, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, as it is formally named! I'm hoping we can hit a few other important Civil Rights locations in Atlanta while we're down there!

And I will remember that time to get a picture of my 3 by themselves next time! :D