Saturday, October 25, 2014

The burnout cycle?

The week or so after listening to the Burnout audio seminar went very well! I had a much better perspective and was much more enthusiastic about our endeavors.

And then we hit this week. And I was so tired. And we had some more struggles. And I felt frustrated and overwhelmed again.

Thursday was not a good day.

But Friday was better. I wonder if getting out of the true Burnout phase involves a lot of cycling back and forth on the edge of burnout and refocusing on how to keep from tumbling back into it? That's what it feels like, anyway!

So today I took off from planning or anything related to school because I had other things that needed my attention. Tomorrow I will get back to work - because this is Week 12 we are about to embark upon which means the end of Term 1! And that means Exam time!

It also means that it's time to get Term 2 scheduled out and I am looking forward to digging into that work. Term 1 needed to be a bit lighter because I spent the first 8 weeks in the peak of my Half Ironman training. But that is behind me so we can ramp it back up again. Of course, we are in the midst of our first ever "Nutcracker" season which is proving to be quite a challenge in itself! But we will do the best we can!

I have a few exciting changes for Term 2 that will align us better with the principles of Charlotte Mason's vision of classical education! I hope the kids will enjoy it and that it will bring a spark back into their learning!

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