Sunday, October 26, 2014

Being a mom to a grown up is...

So, I've been a mom to a adult now for a little over 5 months. And what is my verdict on being the mom to a grown up?

My grown up kid - Senior Year photo shoot for the yearbook

It's fantastic!


It's horrible!

It's not like anything is really all that different, and yet, it's completely different. Austin is still a great kid - in fact, he's a really great kid and I've enjoyed watching the rest of the world getting to know it like we do. He is still working at the grocery store on the overnight shift and he is still enjoying it. OK, so he's really enjoying the paychecks, but isn't that how it works for all of us?! They are actually working him full time because they are short-handed. Which brings me to the first reason it's horrible.

I want to march into that grocery store and tell them to stop working my baby boy 40+ hours a week while he's trying to do his Senior Year lessons! The poor guy is exhausted and doesn't have time to do anything but work and school. And yet, I can't. Why not? Because he's an adult. And he needs to handle things with his employer by himself. I have given him suggestions and reminders on how to talk to his boss, but ultimately he has to do this himself.

He's been very responsible with his money, which makes me proud of my grown up child - and is another reason that it's fantastic! I've been teaching him the Dave Ramsey principles of finance using the book Financial Peace, and teaching him budgeting the way I have done it since we started the Total Money Makeover years and years ago. Austin already has an emergency fund, and he is paying for his own (very expensive!!) car insurance and all of his gas. He is also saving for college classes and he gives a portion of his income to his church and our church. Which brings me to the second reason it's horrible.

A few weeks ago, Austin wanted to go to see a friend's baptism. It was a very stormy night and the church where this baptism was taking place is a "mega church" and the traffic is crazy. I really did not want him to go, and I voiced my concerns. However, he pays for the insurance and gas on his truck - and he's an adult - so I felt that my ability to put my foot down was limited. In the end, he went. I watched my cell phone like a hawk (because he texts me when he reaches destinations and when he heads home, because he loves his mother!), and all was well. He made it there and back safely and had a great time!

So despite all the ups and downs emotionally (warning: it's not a great idea to say "Graduation" to me right now LOL), I think I actually have it pretty good! Austin has always been the sort of kid who is eager to please and wants to do well and follow the rules! He likes to have people happy with him and to do the best he can. Not all adult children are like that, I know! I'm not so sure I'm going to be this lucky again in 2.5 more years! ;)

Less than 5.5 years and 2.5 years until the next grown up children come along...

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Lisa said...

You're doing great, Jen! And Austin is making a wonderful amazing transition!