Saturday, August 23, 2014

And away we go...

We are 2 full weeks into the school year and have added Riley's new dance studio and Reece's dance/drama. This coming week, Riley will add her outside classes and then we'll be at our full workload and schedule. Of course, I still have 5 weeks of training left for my Half Ironman - these next 2 weeks being the most intense and high mileage.

But we're making it through! The kids are being GREAT about getting up on time, and even early. Except Reece. She's at the age where she just wants to sleep and eat and that's it. Unfortunately, I need her up early to do lessons because our afternoons/evenings are simply too busy to allow for much work, especially anything that requires me.

There is only one of me. That is the biggest problem!

But the kids are really stepping up and doing their part and working hard! Austin has been managing his lessons around his work schedule. He gets in from work in the early morning, works for a few hours, and then sleeps. On the nights that he doesn't work but he's still awake at night because of his body clock, he does some of the independent work that he doesn't need me for!

Riley isn't available to work very much, but they seem to really like her at work and are working around her schedule, which is nice! Math U See Geometry is, so far, working quite well for her. Not sure if it's the curriculum, the subject, or maturity. Maybe a little of all of it?

Reece is just crushing her academics this year - she is so good that if I hadn't seen her do the work, I'd wonder if she was cheating. She is diagramming some incredibly complex sentences with gerund phrases, etc. And she can figure out the job of a word in a sentence without parsing and diagramming - just doing it in her head. Amazing!

I couldn't be prouder of how hard everyone is working! But boy, am I tired! I know it will get better after my big race is over. And then we'll also get used to getting everywhere we have to go. So we just have to make it through that part.

In the meantime, I'm so proud of my children for being very cooperative and flexible for me! :)

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Autismland Penny said...

Way to go! I love that everyone is flowing so smoothly. We start our schedule this week.