Thursday, June 26, 2014


It seems like in the last month, every single thing in my life has changed. I plan to blog about each of these things in more detail later, but for now, let me share the really big one:

Austin and Riley are employed!!!

My Froyo gir!

The third shift grocery clerk!
They both got these jobs all on their own, and the stories about how it came about really deserve to be told. Soon! I promise!

Riley also left her old dance studio for a pre-professional dance company. Reece will remain at the old studio. But the new studio is 3 times as far away, at least. And it's 5 nights a week. So basically I am spending my time driving her everywhere she needs to be! :)

Austin's working third shift which means he sleeps most of the day. And I have to say that I miss him! It's hard to go from having someone around all the time for 18 years to barely talking to him or seeing him. But he is doing SO well (and so is Riley! Each job is well-suited for the individual) and I am incredibly proud of him! He started off the job working a 16 hour day - and almost 50 hours in the week! Things will settle down - he is classified as part time so he can't work more than 28 hours. But for now they have him working a ton! And he's jumping at the opportunity!

As for Reece, she's also doing well - missing her siblings but enjoying getting to pretty much do what she wants with me! Today, for instance, we went to the pool together and she made a new friend, and then we got slushies on the way to pick Riley up from work.

Change is so hard, but I think the kids are handling it better than I am! LOL

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