Monday, May 26, 2014

The end of our school year!

I'm back!! We made it through the complete craziness that was the month of May! As much as I would love to give each thing we did its own blog post, I just don't think that's going to be possible! So here is a basic run-down:

  • Reece had her first group standardized testing and loved it! She came out to me each afternoon with a smile on her face and told me that she thought it was fun, except for the boring parts! She doesn't ever want to do ITBS again without doing it in a group!
  • We went to our very first Six Flags Homeschool Day. It was awesome, and we'll be sure to go back next year if we can!
  • Austin turned 18 years old - still not sure how that happened! He was given a used truck for his birthday from my parents. My dad cleaned it up and they got a paint job on it so it looks practically new. He was completely shocked and is totally thrilled!
  • The girls and I made it through the dance recital! It was my first one (Adult Tap), the first time for Reece to dance in both recitals, and Riley's last one at the studio she has danced at for the last 8 years. Which brings me to the next bit of news:
  • Riley auditioned for and was accepted into a pre-professional ballet company! She begins training with them in a couple of weeks!

  • Riley applied for and has had 2 interviews for her first part-time summer job! We should find out soon if she gets it. I think the biggest thing she has against her is that she's only 15 years old and there are lots of work restrictions in Georgia for kids who are that age. 

  •  Austin applied for and has gotten a part-time job at a local grocery store! He is waiting on his drug test results to come back and then he will go to orientation. He is SO proud of himself, and I am SO proud of him!

With all of that craziness going on, we still managed to get our lessons DONE! It had been so hard all year long to work nonstop without taking a break, but to be completely done with lessons by the end of May was worth all of the hard work!

Traditional "Last Day of School" ice cream at Bruster's! :)
So now I have a Senior, a Sophomore, and a 7th grader. Yeah, soak that in for a moment. I simply cannot believe it! My plan for this coming week is to wrap up all of the paperwork for this school year, so that I can work on my shopping list for the 2014-2015 school year. I have a busy summer ahead of me between driving Riley to all of her dance rehearsals (and perhaps a part-time job) and training for a half Ironman race at the end of September, so I'd like to go ahead and get as much done as I can right now.

Our summer Sun and Fun plans include continuing with math and Latin (for the girls) and reading, of course. But I am giving the kids the full week off this coming week! :) They have earned it!

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Lisa said...

So much going on and lots to look forward to! Glad you made it through.