Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In which we have a nice, relaxing week planned... yeah, right!

This week is Spring Break for the local public and private schools which means, for us, all of our classes are cancelled! No dance! No speech/debate! No 'school' for Riley! I love this week every year! Even if we do not plan to take the week off, like this year, it's always nice and relaxing not to have to run around to our activities. I have been looking forward to some nice relaxing days!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

So Monday we took off completely to celebrate my birthday! Except I made the mistake Sunday evening of drinking an "energy" drink with my dinner. So I was awake until 1 AM! And it rained and poured ALL DAY, which just sapped the energy from me. And Austin's debate team meeting was postponed to today due to all of the storm warnings, which was a good thing. But then that turned Tuesday into utter chaos.

This morning I did my workout and came home to get everyone going - except everyone, including me, was sort of in a "This feels like Monday" funk. Riley had plans to meet up with her friends at the park in the afternoon for some Spring Break fun, but in order to get her there on time, she and Reece would have to come to Austin's meeting. And nobody got enough work done in the morning - so they had to bring work along.

We drove the 20 minutes to the meeting location and wait - and wait - and wait. Nobody ever shows up. Austin tries to text and call the other members of his team and we heard nothing back. (One of the kids finally replied back 4 hours later saying he 'forgot' @@).

Then we took Riley to meet up at the park with her friends, and it's chilly and windy and I'm not looking forward to trying to do school work in those conditions - and then I remember that this park is right next door to the newest library in our county. And wow, is it beautiful! I was definitely impressed.

Austin and Reece did a good bit of work, finishing up some things we started in the morning.

Reece discovers that Long Division is highly over-rated!
 I felt so bad for Reece. She has wanted to do long division for close to a year. She has been very stressed out that she hears her friends at dance talk about what they are doing in math and she hasn't done it. I try to explain to her that her curriculum takes a different order to things, but she doesn't care. She hates feeling behind (and she's not - this is the top level, she could do Pre-Algebra next year if I want her to! There is a Geometry level, but I haven't decided if we're going to do it or not. You actually do this Geometry through drawing, and then about halfway through you add in Algebra as well). Anyway, with 10 lessons to go in the book, she gets to do long division. I think she feels cheated! LOL

I have never seen Austin write this much. Ever. 

Austin finished his Geometry and his ACT test prep and decided he wanted to write for awhile. I was quite shocked. He simply doesn't write. His narrations are maybe 3 poorly written and un-punctuated attempts at sentences, despite the fact that he has completed FOUR complete writing curricula. His self-selected topic? Emergency preparedness in the event of natural or economic/social disaster. He finished this page and half of another - not the back. NEVER will he write on the back of the paper. Unless I require him to. (I told him in the event of a disaster he will have to write on the back of the paper so he can conserve his paper LOL) Anyway, I was shocked. It was poorly written and un-punctuated, but there was content that we can work with! And we will be! Tomorrow. :D

It's a BOOK! In her HAND! And I didn't assign it!
Riley texted to say they were going to froyo and could I pick her up from there. So we packed up our stuff - the kids were getting a little restless anyway - and headed out. Reece had been pacing around prior to this and as we were walking out she said, "Mama, I saw a book I would like to borrow."

I hope the look of shock didn't register on my face! Reece hates to read! I told her to go on and get it and we'd check it out. She came back with it and I looked the book over. It was from the teen section. Yikes. I read the back and the inside flap and didn't see anything that jumped out at me as being bad for a 12 year old. The character in the story is 12. But I also know that there is lots of stuff in the teen section that's not appropriate. But how can I tell her no when she's actually interested?? So I said a quick prayer and checked out the book. She started to read it in the car - and she says she's going to read it before bed tonight, so we'll see! I checked it out on amazon and it gets a 5 star review!! I really, really, really hope and pray she likes it and it hooks her on reading! She especially doesn't like fiction and this is a fiction book! So please join me in prayer about that!

So then we got froyo, picked up Riley, and headed home so that Riley could START her work. At 5 PM. Yikes. We are NOT night workers here and it's been very frustrating. She swears she's going to get the rest of today and all of tomorrow's work done tomorrow, so we'll see. She has nothing going on tomorrow so she could theoretically work hard and do that.

Tomorrow is the last moderately relaxing day. I hope to be able to take Reece to the park to ride her bike again (her birthday present!). And then Thursday is CRAZY and Friday is going to be devoted to recovering from Thursday - don't worry, I'll post all about that when we're done! :D

So there goes my relaxing week! Not so much relaxing! I wish I could do "not so much relaxing" better than I do. :(

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