Friday, March 21, 2014

And another follow-up...

On Wednesdays, Austin takes a Speech/Debate class with a local veteran homeschooler. This lady is well-known and respected in the Georgia homeschool community. She has degrees in special education and offers lectures, testing, and consulting to homeschool families. I have taken several of her seminars over the years, and several years ago she tested both Austin and Reece. I trust and value her counsel and information.

So on this particular Wednesday - following the weekend meltdown - I needed to ask for some counsel. After class, I sent Austin to warm up the car and asked for a moment of her time. I wanted to clarify some information she had given at her "Homeschooling for High School and Beyond" workshop that I took when Austin was getting ready to enter high school.

"In the state of Georgia, you have the legal right to set your own homeschool graduation requirements. These should be based upon your child's post-graduation plans."

Does this mean I can set the levels of math required for Austin to graduate?


It just means he won't be able to go to a University System of Georgia school.

This is OK. He isn't planning to go to a USG school.

We spoke for a few more minutes to make sure this was the correct way to proceed for Austin, and she offered a few suggestions for next year's math curriculum - and then she said something that stunned and shocked me.

"If Austin needs an Academic letter of recommendation, I would be happy to write one for him."

Say what?!?

She then spoke of how hard he works in her class, how he always does all of his assignments and never makes excuses. He contacts her for help if he's confused about an assignment. He fully participates in class (WOOHOO!!). He gives the best effort that he can at all times. And she would be happy to share that as a non-biased instructor who has had him in her class.

I was absolutely shocked! And very proud! I know all of these things about Austin, but it was so cool to see that she recognized it as well. :)

So now we have a plan for Austin for next year (SENIOR YEAR!) and I'm confident that I'm not doing anything wrong or illegal by following through with it! WHEW!

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