Friday, February 28, 2014

The passing of another month

So this is my routine? A post on the last day of the month? LOL

February was INSANE. I knew it was going to be when I filled out our calendar and there was something every single day of the month. And then we had an ice storm and I got the flu in there, too. So all of that stuff got shifted to this week and last week and pretty much exploded my life!

But we lived through it. At least, I think we did. There are 6 more hours left in this month - anything can happen! :)

So Term 2 ended and exams went pretty well with the exception of history. There was a lot of "uhhhhh" going on with that. I am chalking it up to the Christmas break being in the middle, but I'm also going to make sure that we're narrating history on a more regular basis.

Term 3 has begun and when I printed out the overview for the term I gave a silent (ok, I really screamed out loud) shout! I had totally forgotten that I front-loaded the school year! Term 3 is going to be much lighter of a load - because spring gets so very busy for us with the recital and all the birthdays and testing, etc. YAY! I was smart for a change!

We are still on target for finishing up in May! The big kids are hoping for employment this summer, and I especially hope Austin is able to get something full time. He would like to save up money for a vehicle, and I would love for him to have one! :)

And today, I even started thinking of next year's school plans - checked out AO's Year 7 for Reece and Year 11 Lite for Austin/Riley. I think I even found an online Meteorology curriculum for Austin!