Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Who are these big kids and what did they do with my babies?!?
 Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

A tough weekend for Austin

I think Austin would agree with me when I say that he has had a really awful weekend. :(

On Friday, I got home from Riley's classes and was getting ready to take the bike out for a ride at the park. He had asked if he could run up to a fast-food restaurant and get something to eat. I told him that was fine and he left.

A few minutes later he came in and told me he had wrecked the van. He was incredibly upset and I had a hard time making out what he was trying to tell me. I could hear something about a mailbox, so I assumed he ran into our mailbox or maybe the one across the street. So I went outside to look. No van.

I look to the right and see the van looking like this:

I'll skip all of the details, but know that Austin is completely OK physically. No other vehicles were involved and he/we are taking care of the damages inflicted when he lost control of the van while trying to get a spider away from him. :(

Mentally, he is very shaken up and upset, though. He is so hard on himself and he knows the ramifications of his mistake (money that he will have to repay us for the damages, and the fact that now he does not have a car available to him to drive). But I am hoping that he will also see that God's hand was all over this experience. He did not get hurt, despite some serious damage to the vehicle. Our neighbors are being very understanding. And no other vehicles or people were involved. He is doing better today thanks to the support of our extended family and his friends who are being so sweet to him. Lots of folks are sharing their own accidents as teens (or even not-so-teens) to let him know that he is really not alone. I hope and pray that he will learn valuable lessons from this difficult experience and that it will help him in his future life.

Then yesterday, the PSAT scores came in. They were, for the most part, as I expected. The one thing that surprised me was that Austin scored highest in the Writing Skills test. This shows me that he does understand the conventions of writing and what good, solid writing sounds like. (And I believe this is due to the quality literature he has been exposed to through classical education, as well as the sequential writing instruction he has had over the years). It is merely his learning problems that prevent him from coming up with the writing on his own! That's not his fault. :(

I don't think his PSAT scores are high enough to warrant having him take the SAT. I do think we will try the ACT this spring since that is more of a content-based test rather than a critical-thinking-based test. I have heard that kids on the spectrum do better with the ACT. And then we can opt out of the writing section. 

 Please keep Austin in your prayers! It's been a tough week for him and this time of year is hard enough as it is with all of the busy-ness and change in routine. Thanks!