Wednesday, October 30, 2013

She's a Deep Thinker!

Well, it's safe to say that Exam Week was a huge success! I am so excited, and I plan to do a more detailed post about Exam Week tomorrow. But this evening I want to focus on Reece! She is showing some new levels of thinking, or perhaps the thinking has always been there, and she's just now able to express it? I'm not sure, but it's got us all completely amazed!

The first thing happened during our first day of Exams. Since we do Bible together, I decided to have the kids do their Bible Exam together. The question was "Describe the Fruits of the Spirit and what they mean to you personally." We had just finished the book of Galatians so I figured this would be something they would be able to answer with ease, especially since we had memorized the Fruits of the Spirit verse a long time ago.

I began with Austin and then we moved in order of age. The big kids' answers were nice and thoughtful. Then I turned to Reece:

"I think of the Fruits of the Spirit as being like a puzzle. You really need to have all of them in place working together. If you are struggling with one of the pieces, then you really can't get the whole picture of who you are in Christ."


::jaw drop::

Riley was the first to speak. "Just get out of here, Reece. You make the rest of us look bad!" LOL

The other thing happened later that evening after dance. Her teacher came out to tell me that Reece had had a problem during the class. Apparently the girls weren't very focused. It's costume week, and that is very common - the kids are all dressed up and it's Halloween week and it's a little crazy! So the teacher got serious with the girls. Reece does NOT do well with any sort of correction (even if it's not directed towards her) and she takes a small raising of the voice and a serious tone to be "yelling".

On the way home, I talked to her about the class and what happened. She had remained very upset for a good 30 minutes after the class.

She said, "I don't know why adults think that yelling works with kids. All it does is show that the adult is as out-of-control as the kids!"

Wow. Color me convicted. I DO yell, unfortunately. Way more than I want to. It's something I have been working on and praying about. And she's absolutely right! It's just me being completely out-of-control!

She really is amazing me each and every day! She thinks so deeply and is so full of emotion and love for others. I wonder if she would like a diary to write down her thoughts?!

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Lisa said...

Oh, a diary is a great idea! I love hearing about the progress your kids make!