Thursday, October 31, 2013

School Year 2013-2014: Term 1 Exam Week

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, exam week has been a lot of fun! These aren't the sort of exams that most of you are probably used to. Charlotte Mason-style exams are designed to allow the child the chance to tell what they KNOW, rather than what they don't know.

I hadn't really mentioned it to the kids in advance because I didn't want to stress them out with something new. So I brought it up casually last week. They were less than enthusiastic. But then on the first day, they started and just ran with it! It was so exciting! Their answers weren't quite as detailed as I was hoping, but maybe next term they will be a little more so because they will know what to expect over the term! Regardless, we had a lot of fun and the kids ended their exams feeling proud that they had learned SO much over the course of 12 weeks!

I shared the link to the Ambleside Online website Exam page that will give you an idea of the sort of questions we used. Reece is doing Year 5 and the big kids are doing Year 10 Lite. I did have to modify some of the lessons because I made some book substitutions. I thought I would share some of my own exam questions. Let me know what you think! I tried my best to model them after the AO suggestions!

Reece -

English Grammar
Parse and diagram the following sentence - “I see above me the snow-covered mountains.”

Describe the attributes of an atom. 
1. What fraction of a meter is 7 decimeters? Answer in hundredths and tenths)
2. Multiply twelve-thousand one hundred eight by seventy-six.
3. Write these fractions as decimals: 52 7/10, 11 6/100, 7/1000. 

Riley -
1. Solve: 5(x – 2) = 30
2. Solve: 8(x + 5) = 7(x - 7)
3. Give an example of the commutative property of addition.
4. What is the inverse operation of division?

1. Translate:

Christus est Rex Regum.
Christiani veritatem Christi laudant.
The leaders of the Romans are in Gaul.
The general sees the dangers of the war. 

Austin - 
1. Describe the Industrial Revolution.
2. How did the Louisiana Purchase change America?
3. Give an account of the last days in the life of Abraham Lincoln. 

1. Describe the following triangles: scalene, isosceles, equilateral.
2. Is an obtuse angle smaller or larger than 90 degrees?
3. A line is bisected by another line. Each segment is now _____ to the other.
4. If two lines are perpendicular, they form which kind of angle?

Foreign Language
1. Name the 4 definite articles in Spanish (these tell “THE”)

2. Name the 4 indefinite articles in Spanish (these tell “A/AN”)
3. What are the subject pronoun for “I”, “you (familiar)”, “you (formal)”, “he”, “she”, and “they”?


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walking said...

It is so funny! Pamela started calling it the term finale so that is what we call them at the school. The one child, who used to pray about the public school PASS test every year when we had prayer time at the afterschool program, did not pray about term finale. We finished the term by going on a field trip to see the King Tut exhibit.

I am glad you found joy in your finales, too!