Thursday, October 17, 2013

Post-PSAT Report!

Yesterday was the big day for Austin! In case you don't have Facebook and/or a teenager, then you may not have realized that yesterday was the PSAT day in the US! I signed up Austin to take the test at a local private school that offered a whole room for homeschoolers to take the test! It's very kind of them, and I greatly appreciate this service.

Austin has spent the last couple of months using a Kaplan PSAT prep book and taking practice tests. I decided not to get accommodations for Austin for the PSAT. One reason was that I figured it was unlikely the private school would be able to hold a special arrangement just for him. That would leave our option being testing at a local high school and those are all huge around here, and I figured that would be more intimidating. But really, the bottom line for not getting accommodations is that they really weren't going to help anyway. In Austin's case, extra time or a quite place to take the test wouldn't affect his scores dramatically. This sort of test does not really match up with how his brain works. There is nothing that they can offer in the way of test situation accommodations that will help that.

One thing I've got to remember is that God has a plan for Austin's life, and no test that man can make is going to affect that. God will make a way for him! It's hard to keep that perspective because we have all been trained to believe that these tests are the be-all/end-all for the future of our children, but there is nothing that God cannot do. And nothing that He does not control. So with that in mind, I told Austin to relax and do the best he can and to play the PSAT game.

So yesterday Austin had to wake up at 6:15 and be at the school at 7:20. This is crazy early for this homeschooled teenage boy! But, like always, he rose to the occasion! I was running around like a mad woman trying to find a working pencil sharpener for his #2 pencils and couldn't find a single one! So we left early and stopped at the grocery store so I could get a pencil sharpener! Crazy!

We got to the school and he showed his official ID and went into the room. I sort of watched him for a second as he walked in. Amazing what that kid has accomplished and persevered through! He's amazing!

I had 3 hours to kill so I decided to go over to the park and ride my bike. My bright idea being that I would ride my bike and that would distract me from thinking about him taking the test. In reality, I got 90 minutes of peace and quiet to fret and worry. @@ Then I went home to clean up and get the girls started on their work. Time was flying and I could pick up my boy!

They were running late and I waited patiently. Hee hee. Finally, I saw all of the kids come out - including the kids from the school. Austin was talking to a couple of guys that he knew, which was cool. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him! He didn't see the car right away, but then he found me. I did get a picture of that! :)

He seemed happy and not overwhelmed, which was the important thing to me. It was a fairly positive experience (as much as any 3 hour standardized test can be! LOL). And now, it's done!

Well, not ALL done... the ACT is coming up in the spring! :D

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