Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our first Exam Week!

We finished Week 12 last week so that means this week we will wrap up Term 1 with our first official Exam Week! I began by using the Exams listed on the Ambleside Online website that coincide with the years plans we are using, but then I had to modify them a bit to account for the materials I have switched out. Regardless they gave me a great starting point! I was a bit unsure what sort of things to expect for a Charlotte Mason-style exam, so this was very appreciated!

Since this will be our first time doing exams, I think it will probably be a little rocky this time around. My main goals are for this week to be a fun time of reflection on what we have learned this year so far, and also to get the kids to focus on retaining a little better what they have been working on. Of course, they may surprise me by retaining more than I am thinking!

I will be sure to keep everyone posted on the results! Most of the exams will be oral this time around but I'm hoping to record at least some of them for posterity!

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