Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Amazing Reece

So, I hinted about the class Reece took on Monday - and now I've got the time finally to do a fitting blog post. She was simply amazing, and I'm not sure if I can express it properly. But I will try!

This is the first class of this type that I have ever signed her up for. But the older kids had taken a class from this group last year, and I wanted to give it a shot. She has made such great progress this year!

I was a bit nervous when I got the schedule and realized that her class was in the afternoon. So we would have to take the big kids, wait around and have lunch, and then she could go to her class. Yeah, I probably could have Austin drive him and Riley but going to the mall is a little far, and well, just not ready for that! LOL

So we got there and took the big kids to their class. Then Reece and I went to Starbucks with some other moms and she drank a hot chocolate. She also rode the carousel and texted with my Mom! LOL

Then we picked up the big kids and came back to the food court for lunch where she ate Subway! YUM!

At last, it was time. We got back to the room (inside Bass Pro Shop) with PLENTY of time, and then 3 minutes before it was time to start class, she tells me she has to go to the bathroom! WHAT?!?!? NO!!! Not NOW!! So we run over to the restroom.

And she goes. And goes. And goes. And I'm checking my phone for the time. Riley comes in and says, "Class has already started! I told them there was one in the bathroom!" OMG I get into a panic - she's walking in to a full classroom and the class has probably already started.

This is NOT GOOD. Yikes.

So she walks in and it's completely crowded. I had volunteered to stay in the room so I snuck in the back. She sits down at the table in the back by herself and the class starts. The teacher apparently didn't have much experience with little kids. It was a bit rough and I was afraid that Reece was going to get upset. But she started raising her hand hesitantly.

Not too sure of herself!
She answered the questions that she was called on to answer correctly, and that inspired her! Soon she was raising her hand confidently! The teacher asked her her name - and then went on to misunderstand it 3 times. This is a BIG deal to Reece and I was freaking out completely. I just knew that Reece was going to flip out - she hates people messing up her name. She finally spelled it out for her, and I may have said her name, too. I don't really remember - I was too busy plotting our escape! LOL But that ended, and she turned around and looked at me and rolled her eyes about the teacher! WOW!!

One time the teacher asked a question, and the teacher said, "Does anyone besides Reece know the answer??" That cracked her up!

They finally got into the experiments (the 'cool' part of chemistry for kids LOL) and Reece got to help by answering a question correctly! She really enjoyed that!
Reece, the helper!
There were other experiments and demonstrations and then the class was over. She LOVED it! And she was engaged and really participated. I hadn't had to intervene - or tell anyone she had special needs. She was truly 'mainstreamed' and it was incredible!

So that alone would have been amazing, right??

But wait - there's more!!

She had dance class that evening - 3 HOURS worth of dance. Only an hour or so of rest before she had to get ready. And she didn't have a meltdown or anything during dance! After such a crazy busy day! Absolutely, positively incredible!

But wait - there's more!!

Later that evening, after dance, we were waiting for Riley to finish dance and I was bragging on Reece to the Studio Director. I was telling the part about the experiments, and I said, "I was thinking to myself, 'You better choose Reece - she answered all your questions!'" and Reece interrupted and said, "But Mom, I would have understood if they didn't pick me. They may have wanted to give someone else a chance to participate!!"

I looked over at her - MIND BLOWN! She just took someone else's perspective!! WOW WOW WOW!!

But wait - there's more!!

The icing on the cake to this whole experience - Monday was the 8 year anniversary of Reece's diagnosis of Autism. 8 years to the day that I was told of the MANY things she would NEVER be able to accomplish.

And look at her now! 

Selfie for Nana


Aunt Bea said...

Wait to go Reece! Jennifer, your determination is what creates these milestones.

Lisa said...

I am just so pleased for you and Reece! What a wonderful day - so glad you blogged it!

walking said...

What a fantastic day!!!!! Thank you for sharing!