Friday, September 06, 2013

School Year 2013-2014: Austin, 11th grade

11th grade?? What the heck?!? Who gave him permission to be grown up?! I guess none of them ask, do they?

So here is Austin's line up for his Junior year of high school:

First of all, he is taking his first outside-the-home class this year. He is taking Speech and Debate with other homeschoolers at the home of a veteran homeschool mom/educator. She has graduated 3 homeschoolers herself and she does consulting, testing, and teaching now. He has 10 kids total in his class and he is really enjoying it - much to my surprise, and his. One thing I have to say about his class that also pleases me is that it is racially diverse, which is unusual in the homeschooling community, which is mostly white and Christian in our area. Half of his class are racial minorities. I do not know about their religious backgrounds. But I was pleased to see this diversity and glad he gets a chance to work with kids who are not just like him. So anyway, that is one credit - Speech/Debate.

And to get it out of the way - we are using Geometry by Harold Jacobs for Austin's Geometry credit. This book is phenomenal. He does use a lot of humor which sometimes goes over Austin's head. But the book is well-done and we are going to go as far as we can with it! We do it pretty interactively.

Austin's English credit this year involves a literature and poetry list that very closely resembles Ambleside Online Year 10 Lite - fiction, poetry, and short stories. We are working through Jensen's Format Writing and, so far, it seems to be clicking with him. He is also doing a grammar review from Analytical Grammar. Spelling is Spelling Wisdom though I'm just about ready to give up on him ever being a decent speller! LOL If I could have all the money back that I've spent over the years on Spelling curricula for him - I could enter several Disney races next year! LOL I am having him read The Well-Educated Mind this term and will probably have him read The Elements of Style as well.

Science is still up in the air. I have a free high school Earth Science textbook on the Kindle that is really good, but I am thinking he should be exposed to Chemistry. I hesitate with it because of the math required for Chemistry, but I could help him with the math, like I do with math. Currently, the time he would be spending in Science is being spent working through a PSAT prep book. He takes the PSAT next month! We are not going to seek accommodations. He doesn't need extra time, and that is the most common accommodation as far as I can tell. He has proven that he can work in a room full of other kids.

Foreign language? Yeah, it cracks me up that this kid for whom English is basically a foreign language has to take 2 years of a different language, but here we go! He chose Spanish - and I chose the Breaking the Barrier program. I debated between Latin and Spanish, and in the end he told me he preferred Spanish so that's where we went. Thankfully he has a strong grammar background which makes things easier.

History is the 1800s using World History and American History textbooks, just like Riley. Geography/Biography are just regular books, finding locations on the maps, and also a focused map study of states and countries. He is also beginning to work on his Economics credit. He is starting out with Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and will finish the year out with Economics in One Lesson.

He is continuing his private drum lessons and that will be a credit as well - Intermediate Percussion.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but my notebook is in the other room and it's Friday night and I'm too lazy to get it! LOL

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Lisa said...

Have you looked at Chemistry 101 which Timberdoodle carries? I used Biology 101 for Emily last year and we liked it. I bought Chemistry 101 for her this year though she hasn't yet started it. David did Chemistry via SOS (which required the math) and a chemistry kit. She will do the same chemistry kit (which has high school experiments all set up in a booklet) and the Chemistry 101 which does not require the math.