Friday, September 13, 2013

Just what we need!

Today it's Friday, and this year, it means that Riley spends the better part of her day at her outside classes: Biology and Graphic Art.

But this week, we had a special surprise! You see, Riley has an hour between her two classes and she has spent that time in "Study Hall" which is literally in the hallway. Last week after class, Riley excitedly asked me if she could take more classes this year. Unfortunately, that just isn't possible this year. Next year, when Austin is no longer taking an outside class, I will have more funds for her to take more classes, but this year it's just not possible. So imagine my surprise when I received an email from the teacher of the World Literature class that means during Riley's free hour offering for her to come take the class - and that the tuition has been covered!!

Of course, I assumed my mom did this - but she didn't. So I asked Riley if she mentioned during class last week wanting to take more classes but not being able to afford it, but she didn't. So I'm not sure where this blessing comes from, but it is fantastic!

And after today's classes, where Riley spent the entire drive home showing me and reading from her Biology notes. She also talked about how nice and smart the Literature teacher is and how they got off topic but talked about movies and books made into movies and how much fun she had. And how they are creating a logo for themselves in art class! It's so nice to see her excited and energized about learning!

I think this might be exactly what we need for this year - and for the remainder of high school for Riley. I am so very busy with Austin's school work. He needs my one-on-one time for every single subject. It's always been this way, but in high school, everything takes so much longer. And then Reece also needs a lot of one-on-one time, though she is much more independent than Austin because she doesn't have any additional cognitive challenges to her autism like he does.

So that leaves Riley on her own. And for a child like her, who is easily distracted and energized by social situations, it isn't ideal. In fact, I prayed often this summer if it was time to put her in public school. But with her dance schedule, the public school hours are not ideal - and he didn't WANT to go to public school. I even asked her again last week after she said she wanted to take more classes. She said she wants to take more classes, just not every day! LOL

This is like the best of both worlds. Riley gets the classroom setting with energetic teachers and interaction with other teens, and I get a lighter workload!! I get to serve as "mom" instead of "teacher" for some of the subjects that I am weakest on!

Next year, I will continue having her take science and literature outside of the home, and I would like to add Latin and Math to the mix as well. Latin because I only have the time to learn at one of the girls' paces and that has to be Reece's. And Math because, even though I really love it and feel comfortable teaching it, it is not an area of strength for Riley and she gets frustrated at me. Of course, when I mention these plans, she said, "What will I still be doing at home then?" LOL History! :D

My one regret is that her education has drifted incredibly far from being a Charlotte Mason education. But this is what we have to do to make it work right now. I can only do what I can do!


Lisa said...

I am glad it's working out so well for Riley!

walking said...

Sometimes you have to go with what works, especially when God seems to be opening a door!