Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 4 in the books!

Week 4 of this school year is complete - and if the rest of the year goes by as quickly as these 4 weeks have gone, it will be done in a flash!

I think we are all settling into understanding that our school work is simply going to take all day long. I suppose it's not surprising considering that we don't have "homework" in the evenings. Having 6-7 hours of lessons plus an hour break in the middle of the day might be reasonable for high schoolers who don't have to come home and do more work (and a middle schooler that sometimes has to wait around for me to finish with her brother).

Could they finish more quickly? Riley - absolutely! I'm not sure why she dawdles so much and then rushes to finish when it's time to run out to dance class. She says she loves to work under pressure, and I definitely don't, so maybe we'll just have to agree not to understand each other!

Today Riley had her first outside class. She is taking two - Biology (my idea) and Art (her idea). Today she only had Biology because her Art teacher is on vacation. She has to be up very early to get there after a very late night at dance on Thursday. But this morning when I went to wake her up she was already up! I'm not sure she'll do that every week, or if this was just the excitement of the first day, but it sure was nice!

All ready for class!!
She loved her class and asked if she could take more! I don't have the money to do that this year, but I really wish I could. It was nice to see her so pumped up and excited. She was even excited about what the teacher talked about! I hope she continues to enjoy it as the year progresses!

I took her out for lunch after class, just like I did for Austin's first day of class. While we were eating and talking and laughing, she asked, "Why can't you always be like this??" When I asked what she meant, she replied, "Happy and relaxed and having fun. I hate it that you're always stressed out."

Ugh. Wow. That shot me through the heart.

I am trying. I would love to be more relaxed and having fun. I did hint that perhaps the above-mentioned scenario of waiting until the last minute to finish lessons and then rushing around like a crazy person might contribute to my "stressed out" feelings, but I'm not sure if that will change anything! :)

I hope we are getting into our groove now. Dance has resumed and the outside classes are in full swing. I can't think of anything else that we have to add to our schedules. So if we can just keep plugging away at our work, I think we'll be in good shape!

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