Sunday, August 25, 2013

We survived the first week back to activities!

But just barely!

Well, that was a busy week.

Dance classes resumed.
Austin had his first week of class..
I had dental work done.
Reece had a dentist appointment.
I went to the first meeting for my homeschool group.
I spent 3 hours at the laundromat because our dryer is dead and I needed to wash sheets and Riley's laundry. 
Riley and I attended orientation for her outside classes.

And we did lessons.

I won't judge how the remainder of the year will go based upon the first week! LOL It wasn't easy, but I'm starting to think nothing is going to be easy in the next couple of years.

 The week ended with Riley getting a cold - probably from being in close quarters again in dance class. This new week begins with me feeling like I'm catching her cold. We have another busy week ahead of us, and "ain't nobody got time for that!" :D

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