Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Halfway there...

This week - despite the raging hormones of two of our number - has been a lot better. I think we are all just accepting the fact that lessons are going to take a long time. I still hope that we will get into a better groove once we are all used to the schedule.

HOPE. Word of the Year. :D

We have already ditched Plutarch again. Poor Plutarch. Well, maybe one of these days we'll be able to fit him back in!

We have already ditched Art History, but not Artist Study. I may have Riley read the Art History book because it really is a good book - but I won't be reading it aloud.

I also ditched my attempt to use Churchill and Johnson for history textbooks. Spielvogel and Tindall are not strictly Ambleside selections, but they are books written by one author, so they will have to work for us because the language is more easily accessible to my kids. And sometimes, I just need that. I was considering trying a complete curriculum for history but I kept getting the feeling that I need to stick with what we've already got and not try to bring something else new into the mix.

Bible - Bible Memory Work - Poetry Memorization - those are staying come heck or high water! I will fight hard to keep those! And I am working hard on making sure that narration - written and oral - is a daily thing. These are IMPORTANT. They are the foundation of everything else.

We are still on a full schedule, and I'm working on that balance of work on the days where Austin has his class and Riley will have hers. That is strictly trial and error.

2 more days this week and then we get a 3 day weekend!! WOOHOOO!!!

And I got this today from my aunt -
Beautiful new dryer!
Already I am learning how much time I was spending hanging up wet clothes all around my house - didn't realize it took that long but it did ! This will save me so much time and right now anything that gives me even a few extra minutes in my day it a huge blessing!

Still hoping to post individually about the kiddos - since there is a 3 day weekend, the chances are pretty good!

Everyone have a great Thursday and Friday!

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