Friday, August 09, 2013

First Week is DONE! :)

Yeah, I know I disappeared, but this has been a really crazy week! Not only did we start back to school but we had so much going ON! It was nuts! Here is the first day of school picture:

9th, 6th, and 11th grades!
Monday and Tuesday were regular school days - on a somewhat lighter work load. The Wednesday, the first day of our local public schools, we took off from school and celebrated our 12th annual Not Back to School Day! We have always gone to Chuck E Cheese, but this year the kids decided they were too old for that. It happened that the new Percy Jackson movie came out that day and so the girls and I went to see a morning matinee (Austin stayed home - movies in the theater are not his thing due to the noise and sensory issues).

Popcorn and Icees and Candy - Oh MY!!
Then yesterday our new homeschool group hosted a Back to School Beach Party at the lake at the State Park near our home.

They tell me this is a 'small' turnout for this group - there are over 100 children in the group overall!
As we were pulling out of the park, I got a message from my friend Penny saying that she and her family were in Atlanta and could we have lunch together? So the kids and I swung by the house and freshened up a bit and went straight on down to Atlanta to enjoy an Atlanta tradition of greasy fast food - The Varsity!

Look at these adorable kids!!
Penny and I rocked the Varsity hats! 
So we got home 7 hours after we left the house that morning, and we were all completely wiped out. And we hadn't done the school work I had planned for us! So today we had to get two days worth of work done.

But did I mention that Austin had his first in-car driving lesson today at 11:00?? LOL (He did great, by the way!) So after a very, very, very long day... we completed our first week of the 2013-2014 school year. Well, almost. Riley forgot about her Latin quiz so she's finishing that up right now (at 8:30 PM).

Overall, the week went very well. There was no crying or yelling... today Reece was pretty easily frustrated, but that is to be expected after yesterday's busy-ness. It was very, very nice and a little unexpected. And everyone noticed the difference. That's one thing that each of the kids has commented on - the fact that there wasn't any yelling (between me and Riley, mostly - sad, huh?).

This coming week is the calm before the storm. We won't have any of our activities or outside classes yet, but we will be doing our full academic schedule. I really want to see how long our work takes us before we add the classes and the dance craziness!

Now I'm looking forward to the weekend. I am implementing a "rest day" for myself each week on Saturday. Usually I use Saturday and Sunday to work on preparing for the upcoming week. But the problem with that is then I have no days to refresh and rejuvenate. And I get burned out really quickly. So this year, I am going to try to have a planned "rest day" each week and see if that helps my burnout level! :)

If you've started your school year already, I hope you're having a successful time! And if you're starting back again soon, I hope it's going to be lovely for you and your family! Hopefully this coming week I'll be able to update more during the week!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a great first week!

walking said...

I love the pictures!