Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This is more like it..

Today's productivity was much better!

1. Printed off all the maps we need for geography - my kids aren't going to graduate until they can correctly identify the 50 states! LOL Actually we're doing the Western Hemisphere this year and maybe Europe if they are quick studies!

2. Printed off the first 20 or so exercises for each kid in Spelling Wisdom, which will be our Spelling/Penmanship/Dictation/Vocabulary curriculum from here on out. Each of the kids will be working in a different level book.

3. Printed off the Ambleside Online guide for Plutarch's Life of Publicola/Poplicola. Plutarch is always the first thing to go when the schedule gets crazy. Hopefully this won't happen again this year. It would be so nice to make it through a whole life!

4. Ordered a Picture Study Portfolio from Simply Charlotte Mason. I usually pull that all together myself but I wanted to see if it was worth the $15 not to have to! I ordered the one one of Turner, partially because he fits in our time period, and partially because I'm going to have a blast calling him "MISter TURner" all term! :)

5. Finally opened up the Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization that I got in IEW's big half price sale last year to see how complicated it will be to implement. It won't be at all, so that will be an "open and go" sort of thing. No planning required! YAY! I did not get the CDs so I will have to read it all aloud. The poems are somewhat juvenile - at least in Level 1- so we'll see what Austin and Riley think of them.

6. Reworked our calendar. I've been thinking about our schedule that I was so excited about a few weeks ago and I think it will all have to be changed. Riley and Austin both want to work next summer, and Riley loves to volunteer for VBS and do ballet intensives. That will be easier if they don't have a full load of school work still in June. So I took out some of our break weeks, and we'll finish up at the end of May. It's a little nerve-wracking to think about it, but we're going to have to do it next year anyway so Austin can graduate in May with our homeschool group! I guess this will be good practice! I will finish tweaking the schedule this evening and maybe tomorrow.

So that was my productive day! Tomorrow I would really like to get working on a new format assignment sheet for the kids, something that they can start to fill in themselves as they take ownership of their planning and schedules! I am just not that adept at designing things.

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