Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The last books you'll ever read!?

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year again! Planning Season - that glorious time of year when anything seems possible and the next school year is perfect! :D

This coming School Year 2013-2014 will find me with an 11th grader, a 9th grader, and a 6th grader.

What the heck?!?!?!?!

I'm not sure how this happened, except that we started homeschooling in 2002 and that was 11 years ago and this is how it goes. 

So this year, I find myself overwhelmed with the task of planning the last 2 years of Austin's high school education. Since he may not be college bound, I feel the burden of getting "all the learning" into him while I can! I know this is illogical, but that's how I'm feeling right now. 

I find myself making list after list of "Books Austin HAS to Read Before Graduation!" The list is so long the poor kid would have to spend 15 hours a day reading just to get through them all.

And let's just ignore the fact that most of these books I'd never even heard of until a couple of years ago, let alone read myself in high school OR college, and I managed to live these last 40-some years in ignorant bliss - MY SON MUST READ ALL THE BOOKS!

So my major task this summer is to find balance. He can't read all the books. But maybe, just maybe, in the next two years I can help him find some joy in learning. School hasn't come easy for him - not even a little bit. I know that has to be frustrating for him (it has been for me as his teacher and I'm not the one who really has to do the hard work here), and I can certainly understand why he'd be ready to shut the books and never open one again. I wouldn't blame him, honestly. 

But that would be such a shame. So my goal for Austin in 11th grade will be to help him find some joy in it all.

My "baby"?!?! This was from his deep-sea fishing trip last weekend! 


Melora said...

I love Planning Time too. It All seems possible at this point! And I know exactly what you mean about wanting your son to read All the Books. Travis will just be in 9th this coming year (although that doesn't seem like a "just" to me!), but it is the Last time he'll go through Ancients with me, and I So want him to have a better education than I got in high school!

walking said...

Do you really think he will never, ever pick up another book after he graduates?????


I am appalled that I had not read Jane Austen until my 30s!

Niffercoo said...

Melora, I totally agree with wanting your child to have a better education then you got! :) And no, it's not 'just' 9th grade - it goes by so fast! Riley is my next post and she'll be a 9th grader this year. It's shocking how fast it goes!

Niffercoo said...

It wouldn't surprise me if he never picked up another book after graduation. His daddy didn't, until I started checking out history books on CD for him to listen to during his long commute (instead of talk radio that was making him cranky). And my dad didn't read a book for over 40 YEARS after his graduation - until he got a Kindle. I think it's hard for those of us who love books, learning, and reading to imagine that.

Lisa said...

I want to read ALL THE BOOKS!!! I am praying for Austin and for you!