Friday, June 14, 2013

No more little kids

With all my obsession over the grade levels of my kids, many experienced homeschoolers may be asking what the big deal is. I know lots of folks who don't use grade levels at all and just teach the child where he/she is in each level, ala Betsy from Understood Betsy. Don't get me wrong, we do that, too! Individualized instruction is one of the greatest benefits of home education!

But in our state, we are tied to grade levels due to the standardized testing requirement in 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th grades. Also, we do activities in various places that use grade level to divide the children so that comes into play as well.

And this coming year, Reece will be a 6th grader. Around here, that means "middle school" and "youth group". In fact, Reece has already 'moved up' at church and is officially in the youth group now, although we don't officially promote until July 31st in our school. She no longer goes to JAM time (children's church) and instead she sits in with the adults and other youth in the worship service. It's sort of freaky!

As for academics, nothing much changes for Reece except the typical increase in expectations that comes with any new year. She will be continuing to take dance classes this year, and each class will be an hour long. She would like to add a modern dance class as well, but I'm not sure if that would be too much. She will perform in both recitals next spring for the first time!
My other beautiful ballerina!
I think it's going to be quite an exciting school year at the Black Pearl Academy!

And Sun and Fun (aka Summer School) starts on Tuesday...


Lisa said...

Can you believe our babies are old enough to BE IN YOUTH GROUP!? ACK!

walking said...

I think your decision to pull her out of dance until she was better at self-regulation has paid off. She is doing so well in dance. So lovely!

Niffercoo said...

Lisa, I still feel like we should be typing "nak" when we sit down to talk to each other on AIM!

Niffercoo said...

I agree that it was the best thing to take her out for that year... but it was such a hard decision! I think it allowed her the time and space to mature a little bit in her ability to handle social situations!