Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More than I ever could have hoped for!

Last week was Reece's last week of Vacation Bible School/eXperience at the church where she went to preschool! I am not going to be able to post in detail about it, not so much due to privacy issues, but mostly because I'll turn into a blubbery mess all over again!

Reece has had a helper in VBS for the last 5 years, a lovely young lady named M, who actually requests each year to work with Reece! 

Reece and M this year!

Reece and M in 2009!
As you can see by looking at these two pictures, they have both grown up to be beautiful, lovely young ladies!

M has been a treasure for our family! She has not just 'babysat' Reece, but has really pushed her to grow and little-by-little integrate into the VBX each year up to this year when she was fully mainstreamed!
2009 when M used to have take Reece up to the balcony because the noise of the closing ceremonies was too much for her!  

By 2010, Reece could handle being in the sanctuary, but sitting on M's lap!
This year when Reece is in the middle of her age peers, dancing and singing along, and M is sitting with the other youth helpers for 6th grade!

One thing this church does with its 6th graders are mission trips. They leave the church each morning during VBX and serve others in the community. They have fun while they are doing it, but they are learning to be servers instead of only being served. When Reece was small, I never imagined that she would be able to do these 6th grade trips. And not only did she do them, but she even did "Messy Games Day" and LOVED IT! It was almost more than this mama's heart could stand!

Reece has already indicated that she wants to be a youth helper next year, just like her sister (Riley helps in music) and her beloved, M. But next year, M is graduating high school and I don't know what we may end up doing. I hope that she is able to participate in a real and meaningful way and truly be a helper. Maybe M will have her own class next year and Reece could be a youth helper in her room?! :D

 Regardless, I am so proud of Reece for how well she has done with VBX over the years, and I am eternally grateful to M for all of the love she has shown my baby girl! This young lady has a bright future ahead of her!

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walking said...

What encouragement to families who know what it is like to watch your child melting down over VBS chaos! Reece is blessed to have such a caring friend to help her learn how to get messy!