Thursday, June 06, 2013

More test results...

In my email this morning I saw the title, "Test Results." The email was from the lady who did the group testing that my big kids participated in last month. I was talking to my friend, Lisa, at the time and said, "Remind me that this is NOT important!" As a good friend and mentor, she obliged.

And then I opened the files.

And yes, the results don't matter - but I am really, really pleased!

There were a few surprises but they were all in a positive way! Yes, even for Austin!

So while the results don't matter, it sure does serve to relax me a little bit during this all-important "Deciding What to Do for Next Year" season! :)


Anonymous said...


walking said...


You are a blessing to your children, and vice versa!

Lisa said...

Always glad to help you remember that tests aren't a good measure of your homeschool success! And rejoicing with you too!

Niffercoo said...

Thanks to all of you! :)