Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another high schooler?

While it's hard to believe that Riley will be an official high schooler this coming year (9th grade!!), it really doesn't represent a very dramatic transition in the way of her academics. She began her high school level Latin 1 and Algebra 1 halfway through 8th grade, and she started working on her high school World History 1 and American History credit at the beginning of 8th grade.

The biggest adjustment for my high schoolers (both of them) this year will be the addition of outside-the-home classes!

I have known for a couple of years that the big kids would be taking outside classes this year. I think it's especially important for Riley to have some classroom experience and over the next couple of years she will be doing both physical classes and online classes to prepare for some of the kinds of classes she can expect in college. I also want her to have a chance to have some deadlines that are enforced by someone besides me. Additionally, I'm hoping that she will have a chance to work with individuals who can someday write her recommendations for college and/or scholarships. For her, she gets the much-desired social interaction that she wants - without going to public school, which she adamantly does not want to do. She is going to take Biology with the lab (YAY! LOL) and a Graphic Design elective that she is very excited about. She will also have a study hall and she may even stay for lunch! This will be a once per week class, on Fridays. (We are also awaiting word about acceptance into a local homeschool group - this is for Riley's benefit as well. This group has a very active high school group, which is so hard to find! That's going to be its own post, though, once I have word that our application has been accepted!)

For Austin, the goals are basically the same. He will be taking a Speech/Debate elective class on Wednesdays and I'm very excited about it for him! He has some really great thoughts and he struggles with how to organize and express them. He also needs to practice participating in a classroom situation and handling the distractions of other people. The teacher he will have is excited to work with him and she promises a safe and encouraging situation for him - no bullying allowed!

I'm a little nervous about how we're going to manage all of our lessons with some of us being out of the house a couple of days a week, but I am certain that we'll make it work! It just might be a little crazy while we adjust!

Leaving you with a picture of Riley from last month's dance recital! Isn't she beautiful?!

My beautiful ballerina!


Aunt Terri said...

I know whatever challenges your children will have this year that they will master them as they have the support and love so two great parents!

Lisa said...

I think the outside classes will be a blessing to you all! Adjusting the schedule will take a bit of getting used to, but you'll manage!

walking said...

You all will manage well! You always do!!!! :-)

Riley is an amazing dancer!