Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reece's results are in!

I just got Reece's ITBS results (the big kids' results will come from the lady who tested them, hopefully in the next week or so!). She did very, very well! I'm so proud of her! This was her first time testing in this way - reading the test to herself, filling in a bubble answer sheet - so I wasn't sure if the results would be skewed because of the mechanics of the test. But her results were exactly what I would have expected!

Actually, I was surprised in one area - Reading. She vehemently despises reading. And yet, her reading scores were the highest overall! Go figure!

Now, I need to keep proper perspective on these results and remember that they do not imply validation of our homeschool, any more than Austin's results, which I expect will be quite low, will imply condemnation.

But I have to admit to being pleased! :D

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