Wednesday, May 08, 2013

More excuses... but a great one!

And yet again, everything is quiet on my blog. But I promise I have a GREAT reason! We have been remodeling our house! It is almost done (as in, I have 3-4 boxes left to put away and that is all!) and it looks fantastic! We literally moved everything OUT so they could put in new floors, and then got all new furniture (except the kitchen table). We bought the furniture from IKEA to save money so we've spent the last 2 weeks building everything! It's been a lot of hard work but it's so worth it!

Ugh, blogger isn't uploading pictures again. @@ I will come back later and show the amazing changes! You won't believe how fantastic it looks. We went from 20 year old carpet to laminate hardwood, new carpet in the bedrooms, and new linoleum in the bathrooms! I love it!

The next couple of weeks have us doing ITBS for all 3 kids (including Austin's first time testing in a group setting, and Reece's first time ever taking the ITBS) and the dance recitals. I will try as best as I can to post regularly, even just a quick update!

And let me just add that it's not been easy trying to homeschool and remodel. I do not recommend trying! LOL

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