Monday, May 13, 2013

Let the testing begin...

Today starts our week of standardized testing. Austin and Riley are taking the ITBS with a group of homeschoolers, and Reece is taking the ITBS for the first time. This is Austin's first time doing standardized testing in a group setting. He needs to practice this before he starts taking the college entrance exams like the PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc. Riley tested with this particular lady a couple of years ago and I was really impressed with her so I felt that she would be a good person to have Austin test with.

Blogger is back to not letting me post pictures which is such a shame because I got a GREAT picture of my teenagers this morning as we were leaving the house at 8 AM, which to them is a scary early time! I think this is my new favorite picture of my teens! LOL I would love to be able to share it with you. Thanks for nothing, Blogger. @@

Since this is Reece's first time doing the ITBS, I wanted her to test at home. I was nervous as we prepped for this testing because the test prep book frequently brought her to tears. But she did so well today! No tears at all! So proud of her!

Here would be the place where I would put the adorable picture of her that I took before she started testing this morning.

After Reece finished for the morning, we went to pick up the big kids. The high schoolers were already finished when we arrived and I was so pleased to see Austin smiling. He said everything went well, even though they only had a couple of short breaks! Riley finished about 10 minutes later and she came out smiling as well, which didn't surprise me but pleased me nonetheless! :)

Reece will test again tomorrow, but the big kids have the day off. Austin finishes up on Wednesday, but Riley may have to go back on Thursday. I guess the high school test is shorter?

It's so funny that I'm not concerned with the results. This year's testing was not a mandatory one for our state, but it's more like prep work for next year's testing. Each of the kids has a specific goal with their testing this year, and that's more important than the actual scores. Remind me of this in a month or so when the results come in, OK? :)

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