Thursday, March 07, 2013


Wow, 2 months since my last blog post. I can't blame this on the kitty, though. However, since I did mention the kitty, how about a more recent picture of his adorable self:

He has really adapted to family life quite well, and as you can see in this picture of him sitting on Reece's lap, he really likes to be a part of whatever we're doing!

Reece just celebrated her 11th birthday last weekend!

It is hard to believe that she will be a "middle schooler" this coming school year. I know that isn't really applicable in the home school setting, but it does affect our outside activities. She will be in youth group at church! After this summer, I won't have any kids young enough for VBS or Egg Hunts or things like that. It's hard to believe!

Riley is our next birthday girl, turning 14 in only 2 more weeks! She'll be a freshman in the fall - and so far, she'll be at home. I have been praying long and hard about what is the best for her (and for the entire family) and I have not been led to put her in public high school. This is a big decision because in Georgia if you try to transfer in from an unaccredited setting (like home school), there are many hoops to jump through to get credits. Basically, if you decide to homeschool for high school, you are committing to do it for the long haul. And with a child who has been as difficult to home school as Riley has been, it's a serious commitment. 

Riley just read over my shoulder and would like for everyone to know that she's not some horrible delinquent child. LOL Hmm, I think I am going to have her guest blog one day soon! That would be a terrific writing assignment!

We finished up our Term 2 last week and have been enjoying a break this week. I didn't give us a break since Christmas because I knew we have a lot of interior home remodeling coming up this spring that is going to require us to move the entire contents of our house OUT of the house! I was hoping to do this over the next two weeks, but it is just not going to happen. So we will take our break week now, get started on Term 3 next week, and the home remodeling will happen in April. I'm not sure how much time off we'll have to take to get it all done, but we'll do the best we can. I just hope we don't have to do much school work in the summer! That was horrible! It threw us all off to be schooling in July and taking our break in August! LOL

So, Term 3 begins on Monday. I am determined to be as diligent about praying for our homeschool as I would be about praying for my running, or a friend's health, or another friend's job situation. In other words, I seem to be ready to go deep into prayer when it comes to everything else, and yet with our homeschooling - without a doubt the MOST IMPORTANT responsibility of my life - I tend to just whine and lament and moan and feel discouraged and overwhelmed.

That changes right now!

Yes, having a special needs high schooler is stressful. Yes, having a teenage daughter who wants to do nothing but dance is stressful, especially as she also begins high school. Yes, having the youngest cross that pretend bridge between elementary and middle school is stressful. But it's nothing I can't handle with God's help. And it is nothing I CAN handle WITHOUT God's help.

My prayer focus right now is that God would restore my enthusiasm and enjoyment for homeschooling. That will go a long way to changing the face of our homeschool with very little work on anyone's part! :) Basically, I need God to REBOOT my attitude! :)


walking said...

Thanks for helping me remember that, when things are difficult, rebooting the attitude can only make it better. Focus on God, not the giants. :-)

Niffercoo said...

Glad to help! :)

Lisa said...

Amen, sister! I am praying for you!