Monday, March 25, 2013


Last week I was reading a chapter from one of the books we're studying for Government - Are You Liberal, Conservative, or Confused? by Richard Maybury.

As usual, when I finish reading the chapter, I pause and give everyone a moment for reflection. (Actually it's more like 60 seconds... and yes, I usually count it in my head! LOL Remember that kids on the spectrum require extra processing time!) Usually, I get blank looks. Or someone will say, "Can we go now?" Most of the time, I start giving my own narration, "That part about ______ got me thinking." or "I never really thought of _____ that way before."

But this day, something unusual happened.

As soon as I was finished, Austin said, "I think I see his point of view." and then he continued to add a few more comments.

THEN, Riley replied, "But I disagree." and she continued to add a few more comments.

It went back and forth like that for a few minutes. (It seemed like a lot longer than it actually was, I'm sure...)

Then Austin said, "I see what you mean, Riley."

Then they both looked at me and I was in such shock and awe that I had nothing to add.

Finally! A real, live discussion over a school topic! And it only took 11 years!


Luke Holzmann said...

Fantastic! May this be the start of a growing trend [smile].


walking said...

Snoopy dancing and praising God!!!!

Lisa said...

THAT is sooooo exciting!! I rejoice with you!