Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell, 2012!

Usually I am ready and willing to bid farewell to the old year and hoping that this new year is a better one.

This year, while I am ready to bid farewell to the old year, it is for a totally different reason.

I am ready and excited to see what this New Year has to offer.

2012 was a year of enormous change for me. There was loss. There was sadness. There was frustration. There was fear.

But there was also growth. More growth than I think I have ever experienced in one year. You can't have growth as a Christian without some of the bad stuff. At least that's what I think. There was some stuff in my heart that had to be purged. And it hurt. But I'm better off without it. I truly believe that.

My Word of the Year for 2012 has been Courage, and I think I lived up to it this year. I had to do a number of things that required a lot more courage than I have ever had before. I only did it through Jesus. Plain and simple. I simply do not have that kind of courage on my own.

Though this year was a painful one, I think the biggest thing I learned through it all was how to be dependent on God in everything I do. And while I still need daily practice, I have come so much further along than I was this time last year! So for that reason, I do not lament a single experience that occurred in 2012. They have shaped me and changed me for the better!

So I look back on 2012 and I am thankful. And I anticipate living out the story that God is writing in my life in 2013! He is the best author!

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