Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Term 2 begins!

We have started Term 2 officially! It's always difficult to come back from a holiday and it has been no exception at the Black Pearl Academy! But we're pushing through!

The focus for the next 4 weeks for Austin and Riley is for them to take more responsibility for their schedules. They started this week in planning out their assignments and which days to do which assignments, and they will also be in charge of getting themselves out of bed in time to complete their work. I'll let you know how it works out! They seem to be happy with the scheduling independence - Austin calls it being in charge of his own destiny! LOL But we'll see how they like getting themselves out of bed! :)

For Reece, we're working on her reading more of her own lessons. She struggles with comprehension when she reads to herself but not when she is being read to. Unfortunately I simply don't have time to read everything to her. She does not like pre-recorded books, either, which is quite annoying. She struggled with comprehension of her literature book today, but gave me an amazing narration on a rather challenging section of her world history book! I don't think one is easier to read than another, or if it's related to ASD (Austin struggles with comprehension and enjoyment of fiction).

So those are our goals for the 4 weeks until Christmas break!! 4 short weeks! SQUEE!!!

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