Monday, November 19, 2012

Term 1 Reflections

This week we are taking the entire week off from lessons because we are finished with Term 1! I thought we could stand a nice long break - we have only taken a day off here and there since the end of August!

We definitely have some things to tweak in Term 2, but overall I think Term 1 went quite well.

Reece finished Junior Analytical Grammar and absolutely loved it! It is designed to be an 11 week program and then you're done with grammar until middle school, but she enjoys parsing and diagramming so much, I'm sure we'll keep up with some of her own sentences that she writes.

Riley has had a much calmer year so far this year and is nearly finished with Pre-Algebra and Latin. I have Algebra 1 and Henle Latin 1 ready for her to start probably after the New Year - her first official high school level courses! WOW!

Austin has had much more success with Algebra 1 recently. He has really gotten the handle of the slope-intercept form for graphing equations, and he seems to be retaining what he is learning. This in itself boosts his confidence and makes the next lesson that much easier! Biology is still a killer, but he is just doing his best to push through it!

The biggest change for Term 2 will be in scheduling and assignment sheets. Austin and Riley have requested the freedom to plan out their own weeks, and this was something that the neuropsych had recommended for Austin (and Reece, even) to start doing. So I think it's time to jump into it. I will give them each a list of work at the beginning of the week, and a blank assignment sheet. They will schedule their work (roughly) and I will look it over and point out any potential flaws. My only 2 requirements are that math and foreign language must be done every single day. After several weeks I will no longer require them to check their schedules in with me first, so long as they have all work completed by the end of the week! This way they can learn to manage their time better and decide for themselves which days they want to work harder or have a lighter day.

Also, in Term 2, I am going to add in some Latin for Reece, I think. I would also like to make sure she gets a few more hands-on, creative projects to extend her learning. She will enjoy it and she really does have plenty of time in her day, at least for right now.

For now, though, we're just going to enjoy our week off! We have all worked very hard and we deserve a little down-time!

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