Friday, November 02, 2012

I just have to say it again!

If I post again about how much fun Reece is to homeschool right now, will you send me hate mail??

Well, send it on, then!

She is SO MUCH FUN right now! LOL

The most recent example was this week when we were learning about "Check Numbers" in math. I had been hearing all sorts of horror stories about them on the yahoogroup for RightStart Mathematics, so I purposely added some extra time into our schedule to allow for covering them.

To my surprise, I realized that I knew what they are already. My grandfather taught high school math, and he used to show me all sorts of wonderful things that numbers can do. I remember him calling them "magic numbers" but when I talked to my mom about it she didn't think he would have called them "magic" because he would have wanted to use the proper term. What we think likely happened is that he taught them to me and I probably said it was magic and the name stuck in my head! LOL

Anyway, Reece was frustrated with the lesson. It had her using a chart to find these "Check Numbers" and she wanted more. She wanted to know WHY. The next lesson was all about finding them for yourself so I went ahead and told her what they are and how you find them. If the number is 34, you add the digits 3+4 and get 7 and that is its check number!

She was very impressed and excited. "This is SO MUCH FUN" she exclaimed after each problem! She didn't even use the chart anymore! LOL Riley told her to stop making them (she and Austin) look so bad! Hee hee

One day I promise to update on Austin and Riley's work. Honestly, Riley has mellowed out considerably this year and we make it through 90% of our days with no arguing. But her work habits are much different from mine (and Austin's... and Reece's... LOL) and it drives me BATTY! I need to work on letting that go and embracing who God made her to be, even if that's the sort of person who waits until the last minute and then rushes around to finish things like a chicken with her head cut off. ;)

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