Friday, September 14, 2012

Third week just about done

It's been 3 weeks, but we are not settling into this new school year well at all. I'm going to give it a few more weeks - I am training for a triathlon in 2 weeks - and see how things settle in during October when I'm not so busy. Then I'll see if I still believe adjustments need to be made.

It feels like all I do all day long is rush everyone (including myself) around all day. And that's no good for any of us. We don't do "Rush Rush Rush" well. We need to find a good balance between academics and dance for Riley, and academics and the essential need for brain-recharging down-time for Austin and Reece. And I need to have some time where I'm not prepping for lessons, teaching lessons, grading lessons, cleaning the house, cooking meals, or training for something. I know that's the status quo for most families, but we learned early on in RDI that it simply doesn't work well for our family (unless we are at Disney, but we do crash hard mentally and physically when we get home LOL).

Already we're to the middle of September so we'll just need to survive through the end of the month and then hopefully we'll turn the corner into a better balance.