Friday, July 20, 2012

School Year 2012-2013: Family Lessons

The book lists are DONE!! I cannot begin to describe how nice it is to have that weight off my shoulders! All of the hard decisions are made, and now I can start acquiring the materials and begin to work on scheduling and, hopefully for once, get ahead of the kids on reading! LOL

Like I have done in the past, I am going to share our plans for the upcoming year. I will begin first with Family Lessons. As you can probably guess from the name, these are the subjects we do together as a family. We break our year into 3 terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring. So when you see 3 things listed next to an item, that will mean there is one per term, for the most part. Also, please keep in mind that we do not do every single one of these subjects every day (except for Bible and Scripture Memory)!

BIBLE - Mark/Matthew/Genesis. Last year we were able to do a chapter per day, which left us with a lot of leftover days. I will keep moving on if we have that same issue arise this year.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY - Going to get more organized this year and use the "verse packs" from Simply Charlotte Mason. I am going to begin with packs 1 and 2 and see how many new verses we find in there. If necessary, I will go on to pack 3.

HYMN STUDY - We finished our WOW! Worship set after 3 years, so now it's time to move on to something else. Since we are now familiar with the music and lyrics for many classic hymns, I'd like for us to learn the background of these songs. We will do that using the book Then Sings My Soul, Volume 1.

ART HISTORY - A Child's History of Art, Architechture. This is the final book in this series that we've been working on the last few years.

ARTIST STUDY - Michelangelo/Rembrandt/Durer. For the first time this year, we will be using the picture study portfolios from Simply Charlotte Mason. 

COMPOSER STUDY - Hayden/Mendelssohn/Wagner. We love the series of CDs called The Story of _____ in Words and Music and I found a bunch of them at the used curriculum sale a few weeks ago. I think we're set for composer study for awhile.

SHAKESPEARE - Henry IV, Part 1/Henry IV, Part 2/Henry V. We will use the No Fear Shakespeare editions after we familiarize ourselves with the story by watching it performed.

PLUTARCH - Brutus/Dion/Pericles. I'm going to shoot for 3 of Plutarch's Lives again, but we only made it through one last year (so if the names Brutus and Dion sound familiar, they are - those are the two I planned for us to do last year that we never got to). Plutarch is hard, so if we make it through only one or two, I won't be too upset. Better to get through it and understand than to rush and have no comprehension.

My goal for this year is to make sure that the Family Lessons don't get pushed aside. It is easy to see them as the "extras" but really they are what makes education exciting and enjoyable (OK, maybe not Plutarch LOL). These are the subjects that touch the heart and soul and set it on fire! That is every bit as important as knowing our history and mathematics!!

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bookworm said...

It looks like a wonderful year for family lessons on tap! Pamela is begging for Handel's Messiah and we're going to try Macbeth I think.