Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today in Reece's spelling book, she had to fill in spelling words that talked about the story of Naomi and Ruth and gleaning in the fields. Because she didn't have the adequate background knowledge (and mom hadn't taken the time to look in the book to prepare for it @@), she couldn't finish the assignment.

So we talked about what gleaning meant, and how it worked.

Immediately she replied, "So, it's a symbiotic relationship, then??"

Yep, baby girl... totally symbiotic! ;)

(Full disclosure: she learned about symbiotic relationships by watching Wild Kratts on PBS. But, hey, she applied it to something else, right? LOL)

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bookworm said...

No disclaimer necessary. What our children do in their free time reflects how we are educating them. In Reece's case, your way of teaching leaves her free to seek more ideas and knowledge. She has free time! She is not too exhausted to think. She cares. She knows the world is hers for the exploring and knowing.