Monday, May 14, 2012

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My 13 year old daughter actually let me TEACH her something today. She had made some mistakes on her grammar test from last week and I wanted to make sure that she understood before we moved on to the next lesson. So I sat down with her at the table and talked her through it. She asked me a couple of questions and I answered and she actually said, "Wow, that makes so much sense!"

Did you hear the choir of angels?  I sure did! LOL

I then pressed my luck by saying, "You know, dear child of mine, this is how homeschooling is supposed to work with you and me. There is a lesson. And you let me teach it to you without rolling your eyes or arguing with me. Then you try some on your own. If you make mistakes, I help to clarify where you are confused.  I don't point out your mistakes to belittle you or try to make you feel badly about yourself. You listen without screaming at me that I hate you. I make sure that you understand what might be puzzling you, not because I think you are stupid (quite the contrary) or because I'm trying to ruin your life, but because I don't want it to puzzle you any longer. Then you attain a level of understanding and we move on. See how nice it is?"

She rolled her eyes and walked away.

But she didn't yell. More choir of angels.

I'll take what I can get! :)

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. My eye-rolling child is going through a self-study of Jacob's Algebra since his ACT scores are going to require remedial math in college this fall. He finally understands algebra and told me, "Mom, algebra makes so much more sense now that I'm not taking my anger out on it."

Then, *I* rolled my eyes at him!