Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Break Report

I just returned home yesterday from 6 days in Florida! The girls and I were treated by my mother to a birthday trip that included Legoland, Universal Studios, and Disney World! To say we are spoiled is an understatement. I have several really exciting stories to share about Reece, but I want to be able to add pictures that my mom took so you can get a better feel for everything.

All in all, she did very well. We stayed in 3 different hotels which was the first big challenge, and then we did not take our mid-day rest breaks like we always do. That proved to be the hardest part, and by the end of the week Reece was getting noticeably more distant and withdrawn. But in the car on the way home last night she was already starting to perk back up and become more interactive again.

Riley was the epitome of a helpful big sister. She loves being able to take charge and do things just the two of them. Our resort at Disney hosts movies on an outdoor inflatable screen in the courtyard right outside our room and she took Reece down to watch the movie the first two nights we were there. They only bickered occasionally, which was nice. LOL

So stay tuned for some reports coming in the next few days... or whenever my mom has time to sort through the 1300 pictures she took! ;)

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