Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Recap: Term 2, Week 5

Yeah, it's a little late for a recap when we're halfway through with the next week! LOL Things are going well with our lessons, though, which is a good thing - it's just keeping me very, very busy. But the work is getting done, and everyone is getting to their activities, and we're plugging away.

Reece is already coveting her next spelling workbook. I use Rod and Staff's Spelling by Sound and Structure with her, but I was considering switching to a more CM dictation-based program for her when she finishes her current workbook. But she found the next book (which was leftover from when Riley started it but never finished) and she has been drooling over it. How can I not use it when she loves it so much??? It would break her heart!

Austin is hanging in there with Algebra... got Bs on his last 2 tests!

Riley is also settling in with Pre-Algebra finally! She wants to be a very independent learner, which is great until she doesn't understand something and won't let me help her because it makes her feel stupid. (Can you just hear the teenager in that logic? LOL). She watches the lesson on DVD, and then she comes to narrate it to me. Usually from the narration, I can tell if she understands or not. If she doesn't, I'll try to highlight and area that she might have been confused about. So far, it's working and there have been few "math-related" arguments these days.

I need to get into the groove of blogging again... there is so much I want to share. Just so little time to actually compose the words. :(

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The Glasers said...

Riley and my dear son are kindred spirits! He is FINALLY learning to ask for him. Like a big deal for him is to ask someone where something is at Wally World...