Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Narration by stealth

Today Riley began her geography book, The Brendan Voyage. We are batting zero in terms of books that she is happy about reading this year so far, but I remain optimistic that something will resonate with her at some point.

As you can imagine, her narrations about these books have been pretty pathetic. And sometimes sarcastic (being a preteen, that seems par for the course). But I actually don't mind the sarcastic ones because she at least has to be understanding it well enough to make fun of it! LOL

But today I decided to try something new. During the girls' dance classes this afternoon, I read the same chapter she read earlier today. Then on the drive home, I started talking about what I liked the best about the chapter: what excited me, what made me concerned, what surprised me. I went on to add what I was thinking and what questions I have for the rest of the book. She didn't really talk as much as I was hoping, but she did interject her opinions here and there.

And then, she stopped, and said, "OHHHHHHH."

I looked at her with a puzzled expression (somewhat feigned LOL).

"You're trying to get me excited about this book. I see through you."

I think I should get an A for effort! :D

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poohder said...

I agree you should get an A for effort