Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Lessons, First Term 2011-2012

I think I listed all of our books in the other posts. I will check tonight to see if I left anything out. (As I type this, I am thinking I left out Language Arts, but I will look later)

The rest of our lessons are done together and involve Fine Arts, Bible, Plutarch, and Shakespeare.

Art History will continue the Child's History of Art series with the Sculpture book. Last year I had only used the textbook, but this year I ordered the curriculum from Calvert School. I am anxious to have the art prints!

Our Artist/Picture Study artist of the term will be Henri Matisse. He's french, and I thought Reece would like him! Plus I already had the prints printed out! :)

Our Hymn Study will find us finishing WOW, Hymns that we began two years ago. The hymns we will study include Great is Thy Faithfulness, Rock of Ages, and Be Thou My Vision.

Our Composer of the term is Tchaikovsky. We have hit on him before a few years ago, but I wanted to study him again now that Reece is older.

Our Shakespeare play for the first term is Henry V. I have to be open and tell you that I selected this one because the DVD is a Kenneth Branaugh production, and I like him. LOL

We will study the REAL Plutarch's Lives beginning with Poplicola. We are using the study guide from Ambleside Online.

This year we will be reading the REAL Pilgrim's Progress (we may take 2 years, depending on how it goes with everyone). We first did the picture book version, Dangerous Journey. Last year I read aloud Little Pilgrim's Progress, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm excited to attempt the original!

We are also going to be doing some Bible Study this year with John, Luke, and Acts. I think we will read together, taking turns, and discuss using the Life Application Study Bible to guide us. I haven't yet determined our Memory Verses.

And there you have our family lessons - we begin each day together in the kitchen or living room with these lessons! :)

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Christina S. said...

We're so glad you'll be using our art curriculum this year. We hope you'll join us on Facebook and Twitter. We've got some wonderfully supportive parents that hang out there!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. :-)

Christina S.
Calvert Community Manager