Monday, June 06, 2011

I'm baaack!

My two week mental break has come and gone. Actually, it ended up being more like a three week mental break, because last week my mental energy went to preparing for my first triathlon. But that is behind me now, and today I begin to refocus on our education plans for 2011-2012.

This will be our 10th year of home education, and I will find myself with a 9th grader with special needs; a 7th grader in the midst of puberty; and a 4th grader with special needs. The mere fact that I can type out that previous sentence proves that I have made at least one education decision already - we ARE going to homeschool in 2011-2012. For the first time since 2002, I found myself seriously considering placing everyone into public school (we cannot afford private school). So, since that foundational decision is made, it's time to move on to the next step.

What are we going to study next year?

I. don't. know!! ;)

I wish that were an acceptable answer! LOL Unfortunately, it isn't.

My goal for this week is to come up with an acceptable answer to that question! Of course, I'll keep you posted!

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